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Map of Ireland Lakes.

Map of Irelands lakes with text in Irish.

Map of the island of Ireland, showing most of the main lakes.

Léarscáil an oileáin na hÉireann, ag taispeáint an chuid is mó de na lochanna.


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Lochanna na hÉireann.

  Loch nEathach      
  Loch Éirne Uachtair      
  Loch Éirne Íochtair      
  Loch Aillionn      
  Loch Rí      
  Loch Deirgeirt      
  Loch Con      
  Loch Measca      
  Loch Coirib      
  Loch Uail      
  Loch Ainninn      
  Loch Léin      
  Loch Síodh Linn      
Loch Dairbhreach